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Udine (Italy)

Attention care of Federala,

Caterina Percoto Street n. 14

33100 Udine (Italy)

Mobile:+39 335 241066,

Phone: +39 0432 501768


Vienna (Austria):

Stolberggasse n. 42

01050 Vienna (Austria)

Mobile: +39 335241066   +43 6504807698

            +43 6767707251

Moscow (Russia):

Moskovskaya Oblast; Derevnya Maskhovo; Novo-marusinskiy Proyezd Dom 01

Phone: +39 335241066

Thank you for visiting us.

Our office is able to help you with your business in Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia etc ... even as far as Russia.

We provide:

• international tax services

• assistence in the setting up of companies

• assistence in the recovery of your receivables

• assistence in transactions and mediations

• accounting and more

• finance advisory

We advise how to operate in foreign markets.

Visit our blog to learn more about the commercial and tax situation in Italy.

For any questions please contact us:

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